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Buying or Selling A Business in California

The Margarian Law Firm staff assists clients with the many issues of buying and selling a business in California. There are a variety of important issues related to Business buying or selling.

If you are a seller, our lawyers explain interested persons the following steps of multi-stage process of selling business in California:

  • how you will be paid,
  • how you may avoid a possible Buyer’s claim, especially when he does not meet his expectations after the transaction,
  • what you need to do with continuing liability to former employees or clients,
  • how you should respond to the Buyer’s requests.

If you are a Buyer, our lawyers assist interested persons with the following needs:

  • how you should avoid claims from the Seller’s prior employees, clients, and other liabilities,
  • how you should avoid competition from the Seller who wants to save his clientele or technologies that were sold you as a part of the transaction,
  •  what you need to do in order to keep key employees, or if they want to leave your company what you should do to avoid taking your customers with them. Under California law, the key employees may compete against the former employer if they are not owners.

Additionally, The Margarian Law Firm provides its clients with assistance in the related legal issues, such as:

  • How you should form your own entity,
  • How you should organize commercial lease,
  • How you can hire your workers for hire,
  • How you should keep your intellectual property.

The Margarian Law Firm offers a high level of competence in California business law with a focus on the core needs of our clients. Our lawyers are particularly committed to keeping a practice of professional secrecy and ensuring legal security necessary to our clients.

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