General Business Matters

The attorneys at the Margarian Law Firm will assist you in all stages of your business. Starting from the planning stage we will help you with the choice of the right organizational form for your business, we will negotiate and draft pre-incorporation contracts, setup a business entity, draft the articles of incorporation/organization/partnership agreements, bylaws, employment contracts, do necessary state and federal regulatory filings, assist you with licensing procedures and other initial steps to start your new business.

Our team will also provide assistance during the ordinary course of your business. Our attorneys will  negotiate and draft the most complex business agreements, prepare standard form contracts that fit your business needs and limit your liability to the extend permitted by state and federal laws, prepare taxes, incorporate strategic legal planing to limit liability exposure, draft executive compensation and employee benefit plans, prepare carefully drafted non-compete and non disclosure agreements, arrange board and shareholder meetings, agendas, records and minutes as well as shareholder agreements and provide legal solutions in any other business matters.
Contact our office now to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss all your business needs.


Corporate Law & Corporate Governance

The Margarian Law Firm provides a wide range of services to corporate clients. Below is the non-exhaustive list of services that we offer to our corporate clients.  


Securities Regulation: We provide full representation in securities regulation matters such as stock issuance exempt from registration under rules 504, 505, 506 of regulation D, rule 144 restricted securities, IPO preparation, regulatory compliance and filings, negotiation and drafting of underwriter agreements, filing registration statement and prospectus pursuant to Section 12, negotiation, drafting, regulatory compliance and filing of stock exchange, asset sale, merger agreements, preparation and filing of disclosure documents: annual, quarterly and other reports. In addition, our litigation team handles all types of securities litigation, including strong defense in insider trading cases.


Corporate Finance: Transactional attorneys at the Margarian Law Firm assist our clients with corporate financing strategies. We handle various matters concerning LBO’s, strategic combination of shares to meet your financing goals, stock options, anti-dilution provisions, combination of debt and equity, carve-out transactions, as well as traditional bank financing, mezzanine financing, asset-based lending and securities offering.


Corporate Governance: We offer a full spectrum of services in the field of corporate governance, such as board structure and composition, board committees, their composition and committee charters, senior executive and director succession plans, executive compensation, representation of board and individual board members, conflicts of interest, self dealing, related parties, special reports and disclosures.


Mergers & Acquisitions: Our attorneys handle various types of negotiated mergers. We begin representation in negotiations phase and finish it with a successful merger. We offer both precursory protective actions and real time defensive strategies against hostile takeovers.


Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Our experienced attorneys offer aggressive and skilled representation to help your business deal with any and all bankruptcy-related matters. Our services include Chapter 7 liquidations, reorganizations under Chapter 11 and 13, stays of pending lawsuits, valuation of distressed assets, and negotiations with bankruptcy trustees and creditors, among others.


We also offer services to assist business creditors when a debtor files for bankruptcy, including the preparation and filing of proofs of claim, motions for relief from the automatic stay, creditor examinations and adversarial proceedings to determine the dischargability of debts.


Professional Practices

Our firm offers complete representation for setting up a professional practice. Should it be a medical practice or an architectural firm, our attorneys will show an individual approach to your case. Some services include setting up of a professional corporation, filing of LLP statements and partnership agreements. In addition, our litigation team will offer a powerful defense in medical and legal malpractice cases.


Employment Law

Our attorneys will handle all legal matters associated with your employees. Regardless of organizational form of your business we will draft employment contracts tailored to your needs, integrate employee benefit plans, employee stock options, employee benefit plans. We also offer comprehensive  executive compensation plans. Our litigation team handles all types of employment related litigation matters, including workers compensation cases. 


Real Estate

Our attorneys work both with real estate businesses whose primary operations include development, sale and lease of properties and businesses that lease their offices under commercial lease contracts. For real estate businesses we offer counseling on zoning and land use regulations, filing of exemptions, permits and representation in front of various governmental agencies.


Let our experienced attorneys guide you throughout your real estate transaction, from review of property purchase, lease, and franchisee agreements to personal guarantees and developer disputes. We will negotiate and draft your commercial and residential property purchase and lease agreements, covenants, equitable servitude, license and easement provisions. In addition, our litigation team will handle any issues that may arise in your real estate transactions, including breach of contract matters, creditor disputes, unlawful detainers, and partnership disputes.


Intellectual Property

It is very important to contact an attorney when you want to protect your intellectual property rights as the law generally prescribes specific requirements for filing any valid application to protect your IP, whether it is a patent or a copyright.
Attorneys at the Margarian Law Firm handle matters concerning all categories of intellectual property law. We will file your trademarks, copyrights and patents, we will protect your trade secrets.  Additionally, our litigation team will handle the most complex trademark, copyright and patent infringement cases as well as cases concerning improper exploitation of trade secrets.



We, at The Margarian Law Firm understand the special needs of our startup clients, therefore we have not only designed services to help startups during their entire lifespan, but also implemented special rates & fee arrangements.


We offer three distinct fee arrangements: discounted flat rates, equity in exchange for services (subject to approval) and regular hourly rates. These payment options can be combined together. We also offer a free initial consultation and high level business plan review for eligibility to apply for payment with equity. For more information about our special rates visit here.

Some of the special services offered to startups are business plan feasibility analyses (by our J.D. and M.B.A. business consultants), general and specific business advice (by our J.D. and M.B.A. business consultants), negotiation and drafting of pre-incorporation agreements and founders agreement. Our attorneys will handle the negotiations and meetings with VC, Angel Investor, other investor representatives and consult you and your team members before any meetings. We are also familiar with most types of financing options offered by venture capitalists and work with our clients to reach their financing goals. For more information concerning financing please see the corporate finance paragraph of the corporate law section above.
During the financing process it is important to follow all state and federal securities regulation laws. Our team offers a complete representation and advice on this matter. Please see the securities regulation paragraph of the corporate law section above for more information.


Complex Litigation

The litigation team at Margarian Law is always ready to assist you whenever contracts didn’t work the way they were designed to work. We handle various cases ranging from derivative lawsuits and securities litigation to workers compensation and employment litigation. Our team also offers contract litigation, mediation, arbitration & other ADR solutions. 


Employer Sponsored Immigration & Visas

Our attorneys will assist you in filing petitions for H1B, L, O, I, J, R, H-2A, H-2B visas, E1, E2, E3, C5, T5, R5, I5, SD, SR green cards and all subcategory visas & green cars. We prepare full application packages both for USCIS applications and DOL PERM labor certifications. For more information please visit here.